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The One Oak Medical Experience

The Foot and Ankle Institute at One Oak Medical Group is proud to offer the latest advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of simple to complex foot and ankle conditions. Unlike solo practitioners or podiatry groups, the unique makeup of our team of specialists enables us to provide our patients with a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan. Gone are the days of being referred from one practice to another. At the Foot and Ankle Institute we are able to address all aspects relating to foot and ankle care with the comfort and convenience of a single practice setting.

With offices located throughout New Jersey, One Oak Medical is dedicated to putting their patients first. We take great pride in listening to each individual’s unique concerns and will devise a custom treatment plan specific to their needs. We want each patient to return to their regular lifestyle as quickly as possible with increased mobility and decreased pain.

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Paramus / Wayne: (201) 989-0388
Clifton / Randolph: (973) 834-8853
Edison: (732) 314-7708
Montclair: (973) 834-8987

Our multidisciplinary team includes:

Our specialists have studied and trained at some of the top institutes our nation has to offer, as well as studied and presented to their peers internationally.

The team at the One Oak Foot and Ankle Institute custom tailors treatment plans for each and every patient. We are proud to be able to offer the latest in treatment options including:

We are also able to offer our patients comprehensive in house testing related to their foot and ankle issues including:

Meet our Doctors

Podiatrists, foot doctors in the Wayne, NJ 07470, Paramus, NJ 07652, Clifton, NJ 07012, Montclair, NJ 07042 and Edison, NJ 08817 areas

Our Doctors have received medical training from the following universities:

Logo Cornell University Image
Harvard University medical training
Lux Et Veritas podiatry training
Montclair State University podiatry training
New Platz podiatry training
York University medical training
The State University of New Jersey Rutgers medical training
New York College of Podiatric Medicine podiatry trainings
Seton Hall University medical trainings
Icahn school of Medicine at Mount Sinai medical training
Temple University podiatry training
University of Maryland podiatry trainings
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey podiatry trainings
University of South California medical trainings
Jennifer Kim

Dr. Badri is the first podiatrist that took a look at my problem and actually took it seriously. We are now trying to fix it from the root, rather just a temporary fix. The staff is also incredibly friendly and the facility is very clean. Highly recommend!

Michele Cornelius

The staff at One Oak Medical are the best out there. From time the you walk in to the time you leave, you feel like you spent the day with your family. They are friendly and professional. And put your well-being and comfort first. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs the services of their body.

Matt Libien

Dr. Lisa Zheng is great! I am a gout sufferer. She not only helped with my current situation, she helped me develop a game plan to avoid future attacks!

Pilar Zapanta

Dr Homam Badri is a very skilled excellent professional reconstructive foot surgeon. He is very easy to communicate with and very informative. He is very supportive. I had my bunion removed and I had an excellent experience and very happy with the result. I would strongly recommend him. The office is very clean with very nice staffs. To mention some Giselle , Shirley and Mo..

Gary Robinson

I've been going to One Oak Medical for two years to be seen by Dr. Badri. I have truly no complaints about my visits not one. The staff is attentive, patient and friendly all the way to the receptionist. Miss Monette is true professional at her position and is deeply appreciated #thebest Great team they have there and I look forward to my future visits.

Elsie Bouza

I only came to the office one time but once was enough. Dr. H. Badri gave me cortisone injection in my foot from terrible pain in my heel, I could barely get out of bed! More than 3 months later I am still at 100% improvement!! And Dr Mahmood saw me for my knee pain. He diagnosed my mild arthritis and gave me lots of advice on what to do to prevent it to get worse he spent a lot of time with me answering all my questions. The medical assistants Nancy and Leslie were great too and Mo was my favorite, very sweet staff! I love this office and if I have any more problems I will go back right away!!

Maria Nietes

Dr. Homam Badri and his staff were pleasant and attentive. He is straight forward and easy to talk to. He made sure I understood everything he said and answer all my questions. He is deliberate, efficient, kind and compassionate to all his patients. My compliments to all his staff most of all to Ms. Monette Santos for helping me with my disability papers, Moe you are the best. Kudos to all the staff of One Oak Medical and thank you Dr. Faisal Mahmood, Dr. Ahmad Badri and Dr. Debra Ibrahim for taking care of.

Tehmina Ishfaq

I have been dealing with annoying foot fungus and over the counter remedies did not seem to work. So I called Dr. Badri at One Oak medical Group and went to see him. He was very attentive to all the details and asked me a lot of questions before prescribing me the medication. What I most liked about him was the fact that he explained the procedure with all the rituals that comes along in this very long fight against fungus. He examined my foot and told me that my fungus is not very advanced and if treated right can be cured and stopped from spreading. I am very satisfied with his treatment and would recommend him to my friends.

Linda Riveros

I became a patient with Dr. H. Badri when I was diagnosed with a severe foot problem that I was told would most likely end with an amputation. Being a runner and mother of 5 children I was very scared. My first meeting Dr. Badri was amazing! I immediately felt safe and he told me It was a serious problem but he would be able to save my foot. I have had 6 surgeries including a 3D printed bone replacement to save my foot. Every step of the way he made sure I understood what was being done and how each surgery would bring me closer to a full recovery. I have never met a more caring, compassionate, and brilliant minded doctor. He not only saved my foot he became a friend.

Ruth Vazquez

I came to Dr. Collabella initially for a consultation and was immediately pleased with his services. Dr. Collabella was extremely professional and discussed all the options available to help relieve my foot pain. He made sure I understood the entire process from beginning to end. He removed a bunion from my left foot as well as performed corrective surgery on my toes. I was able to walk after three days and return to work the following week. I appreciate his patient bedside manner and the fact that he continually connected with me to see how I was doing, offering timely advice and making sure I was doing everything to heal properly. I recommend him without any hesitation. You don't need to look further, he offers exceptional service.

Tara Scimeca

Dr. Colabella is exceptionally knowledgeable in foot and ankle care. He treated my son and I and we were extremely pleased with his treatment! His approaches to foot care are very current and he is an excellent surgeon! Would highly recommend him for the best outcome possible!

Adriana Bitonti

Had a consultation with Dr. Colabella for my foot. He was very informative, inviting and had great bedside manners. He is very knowledgeable and didn’t hesitate to recommend what he felt was best for me and my care. Found a great physician I trust and highly recommend him to anyone!

Frances Torres

Great doctor!! I went in there with a lot of foot pain due to a neuroma that i have.. Dr. Collabella gave me a shot with multiple medications in it and the pain is gone. I have been pain free for a good two months now and hopefully the pain stay away... but so far no pain... I definetely will go back to him. Very professional and the staff very nice... Thanks again....

Simone Shenny

Dr. Colabella recently performed a bunionectomy on my left foot. The procedure was fast and painless. The recovery time is a couple of weeks and he has been so helpful. He has contacted me himself to check up on the heeling process and sent advice for care which has been a huge help. When I saw him this most recent time he removed some stitches but left others that needed a longer healing time. I am still recovering but I already have less pain in the bunion area than prior to the surgery. I will be going back to him for the right foot This week actually.

Frank La Batto

I was in serious pain in my left heel and the ligaments in my calf were tight and painful. Dr. Colabella with his skilled hands, patient bedside manner, and advanced knowledge and training in treating podiatric problems of the foot, ankle, and calf, was able to provide the proper therapy, support, and the right orthotics, which several other podiatrists failed to do. I am pain free now and I highly recommend him for any problems you may have. Dr. Colabella and his friendly staff work with your insurance company to provide minimal out-of-pocket expenses. I have sent many of my family and friends to him and they are very satisfied with their results. Thank you Dr. Colabella!!!

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