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Dr. Zhang specializes in seeing diabetic patients due to her interest in the diabetic concerns in the foot & ankle. Diabetic neuropathy is a very common condition in the diabetic patient that is very bothersome. In diabetes, sugars coat the nerves so they don’t properly conduct signals anymore, resulting in numbness, tingling, electric shock sensations, and hot/cold sensations. As the neuropathy progresses, it may result in neuropathy in the hands as well.

Dr. Zhang carefully screens all diabetic patients for diabetic neuropathy, and works closely with their PCP to find the best solution. Often, she finds Gabapentin/Neurontin helpful, but does not over-prescribe on top of the PCP. If a higher dose is needed – which often it is since Gabapentin has a ceiling of 3,600 mg/day – then she coordinates with the PCP on the best dosage for the patient. Strict glycemic control can prevent diabetic neuropathy from occurring or worsening, and Dr. Zhang works with the patient emphasizing strict glycemic control to prevent many foot and ankle problems afflicting the diabetic patient.

If you have diabetes – long-existing or recently discovered – Dr. Zhang welcomes you to her practice for a thorough foot & ankle exam.

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